Rapid Carwash's Commitment to Community and Environmental Responsibility

"Rent a Bay" at Rapid Car Wash

At Rapid Car Wash, we offer an exciting fundraising opportunity for charities to raise money while promoting eco-friendly practices. With our “Rent a Bay” program, you can support your charity and contribute to a greener environment at the same time.

Here's how our charity "Rent A Bay" works:

Rent a Bay by contacting us at (681) 945-0470. We will provide you with all the details and assist you in scheduling your fundraising event.

Raise Money by inviting your charity’s supporters to utilize our self-service bays at the car wash. A portion of the proceeds generated during the event will be thoughtfully donated to your cause. To enhance your fundraising experience, we offer assistance in creating a dedicated Facebook event for your fundraiser. Alternatively, you can seamlessly add us as a co-host to your existing Facebook event so that all our followers will be sure to see it. Let’s collaborate to maximize your event’s reach and impact!
Go Green by choosing Rapid Car Wash because you’re not only supporting your charity but also promoting environmental responsibility. Our car wash facility is committed to sustainable practices, minimizing water consumption and ensuring responsible water discharge. Learn how to use only the amount of what you need, when you need it too!

"Empowering kids to engage in community service is like planting seeds of compassion and responsibility. As they nurture these seeds, they grow into young leaders who understand the true power of making a positive impact."

Contact Us for Fundraising

If you’re interested in exploring sponsorship opportunities or hosting a fundraising event through our “Rent a Bay” program, please contact us. We are dedicated to supporting local organizations and making a positive impact in our community. You can call us directly by phone or by a message with more details below. 

"Community service is not just an action; it's a reflection of our shared commitment to create a better world for all. Through our collective efforts, we paint the canvas of our neighborhoods with kindness, compassion, and positive change"

Let's Collaborate On Your Fundraiser Today!

Should you be keen on delving into sponsorship possibilities or orchestrating a fundraising event via our “Rent a Bay” initiative, we invite you to get in touch with us. Our commitment to bolstering local entities and fostering a constructive influence within our community is unwavering. Feel free to connect with us through a direct phone call or share more details through a message using the information provided below. We eagerly await the opportunity to collaborate for a greater cause.

Employment Opportunities

Exploring Opportunities at Rapid Carwash? Share your resume with us using the form below, and our team will be in touch. Kindly understand that our current hiring status may vary. Nevertheless, rest assured, we will keep you informed once we’ve received your resume, whether or not there are openings available. Your interest is greatly appreciated.
Upload your resume in PDF form here:

Feedback and Suggestions

We greatly value your feedback, as it helps us improve our services and enhance your overall experience at Rapid Car Wash. Whether you have a suggestion, a comment, or a concern, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. Your input is invaluable to us. Type your message below and send it our way! Thanks for your time today. 

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